Boutique Fitness Centers Report Valgo 2017


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After several months of work, Valgo publishes its report on fitness boutique centers in Spain. The study sponsored by Life Fitness is the first report on this business model in the Spanish market. The study tries to give a definition as much as possible of what is a commercial center and a set of 4 fundamental characteristics such as surface area, the degree of specialization in an activity or the method of training given in small groups by expert professionals and use of technology for payment and / or reservation of classes.

Depending on the specialization, there are 5 types of Boutique Centers:

  1. Boxing: specialized training in boxing, kick boxing and other martial arts, combined with a high-intensity functional training.
  2. Fusion Training: training method in which different specialties of different nature are combined, such as functional training, circuits, calisthenics, yoga, indoor cycle, boxing, ballet, etc. Each
  3. center offers different combinations of proposals, usually two or three wings.
  4. Indoor cycle: training sessions with a static bike, guided and supervised, with musical support.
  5. Body-Mind: encompasses both Yoga and Pilates, activities that use breathing, concentration and activation of the deep musculature.
  6. Cross Training: group metabolic training sessions in which high-intensity functional exercises are performed through circuits.

It is therefore the specialization of the center in one or another type of training, which influences the design of its facilities and spaces, which maintains a coherence in its proposal of decoration, environment, music and material a use; by the general rule, the most creative and innovative centers by combining different specialties of Fusion Training.

The report quantifies the boutique centers for each specialty in the whole national territory with a total of 416, later by autonomous communities and provinces, contributing to the leading chains of each typology.

In addition, the opinions of the different heads of the most outstanding centers in innovation by typology and the technical file of their facilities are collected.

Finally, an customer opinion survey was carried out on the users of the identified boutique centers, obtaining very positive data regarding the perception and valuation of their facilities and services.