Fitness & Sport Management

Valgo is a consultancy firm for enterprises in the sports field. The main objective of our business is to develop a tailored and personalized consultancy plan to meet the needs of the enterprises in the fitness and sport industries.

Valgo is partner EREPS - Europe Active

Our team is made out of specialized professionals, who have vast experience in consulting, investigating and are also skilled in sports management.

We primarily focus on the following areas: events, fitness and sports sales, investigation, customized consultancies, communication, promotion and marketing.  

In our web page you can find academic articles, financial reports, research studies and other documents of interest available for free. In addition, EREPs members will receive a 15% discount in specific consulting service required.

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Valgo - Consultoria Deportiva

Consultoría global para empresas, deporte y gimnasios. Amplia experiencia en el ámbito de la gestión, marketing, investigación, formación y eventos.